Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood

reading, writing and maths Age Related Expectations

As you may be aware we have been working with a changed curriculum since September 2014.  This year has been the first year where ALL year groups including year 2 and 6 have been tested under the new framework.  The level at which the children are expected to work by the end of each year has significantly increased in all areas of the curriculum.  We have devised a set of booklets that are given out at our learning review meetings in October to help parents with the expectations the children are required to reach by the end of that year.  The Government have also made it very clear that all the objectives have to be met in all areas to assess a child is working at age related expectations.

Please see the appropriate year group booklet. (N-Y6)

In Year 1 the children will sit a phonics test in June, this will assess whether a child has a secure knowledge of phonics and reading.  The test involves reading a series of 40 words.  The results are sent to the Government, and a pass mark is then established along with a National Average.  The results of the phonics test have to be reported to parents in the child’s end of year report.  Any child not passing the test will have to resit the test in Year 2.

Click here for past phonics tests to look at with your child.

In Year 2 the children will sit their SATs tests in May (in reading, SPaG and maths) , although we call them ‘quizzes’ with the children.  The results of these tests currently are used in conjunction with ongoing teacher assessments.  The teacher will then make a judgement about whether a child is ‘working below’, ‘working towards’, ‘working at’ or ‘working above’ year group expectations.  These results will then be submitted to the authority and reported to parents in the child’s end of year report.

Click here for past Key Stage One tests to look at with your child.

In Year 6 the children sit their SATs tests (in reading, SPaG and maths).  These tests are sat in ‘exam’ conditions and sent off to be externally marked.  Results come into school in early July, the results of these tests are reported to parents in the end of year report.  We also have to submit teacher assessments to the Authority; these assessments will hopefully closely match the child’s SATs results.

Click here for past Key Stage Two tests to look at with your child.