Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood



Forming letters and numbers correctly from the very start is very important and this starts with how the children hold their pencil with the correct grip.  We always say ‘snappy fingers’ followed by ‘froggy fingers’.  We then move on to how letters and numbers are formed ensuring this is done correctly from the very start.  Once all of the letters and numbers are formed correctly, on the line and the right size we teach the children to join starting with the digraphs.  We use ‘ground, grass, sky’ to help the children get their letters the appropriate size.  Children are taught to join at the end of Year 1 and develop this skill in Year 2 and beyond.

When the children move into Year 3 it is an expectation that all children will be joining their handwriting.  They also have a chance to see Mrs Wood to try for their pen licence.  To receive their pen licence there are some strict guidelines that the children must follow when doing their handwriting test and in their exercise books, too.