Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood

Transition to High School

The transition from primary school to high school is a huge one for children and for parents. In fact, the parents often worry about this more than the children! As preference forms are due in at the end of October, at the Curriculum Evening we encourage all families to go and visit all of the local high schools to see what they have on offer so they can weigh up the pros and the cons of each. Whilst we cannot offer advice on which school we would recommend, we do advise parents to look at the school websites and to read the latest OFSTED inspection reports and look at the results at GCSE and A Level. We also say that a school often has a certain ‘feel’ to it and that this is an important factor to consider.


One of the main aims in the Year 5 and 6 Team is to prepare our children for the next step in their education. This begins in Year 5 with initiatives such as planners and the opportunity to earn house points but the majority of the transition work is done in Year 6.


We have a comprehensive transition programme planned which is improved year on year. Morley Academy provide most of the activities as it is the school the majority of our children move on to. Some children move on to Bruntcliffe High School and others to Woodkirk Academy. The transition programme generally starts in November and runs for the rest of the year. The activities the children take part in give them a ‘taster’ of what they have to look forward to. It also gives the children chance to get to learn about high school classrooms, the teachers and their expectations.


It is very important to us that we send our children off to high school with the required academic skills and the ability to be emotionally and socially ready for the next step of their education. We feel that when our children leave us they have a great ‘CV’ of activities and opportunities they have had from their time with us.


Year 6 Transition Art/Dance workshop

The children took part in a dance workshop whereby they were looking at choreography through a stimulus. They looked at the “Change for Life” campaign and used the images of the people to create their own sequence of movement to music. The children worked in pairs and performed their finished pieces to the group, discussing performance discipline as well, to add to their overall sequence.


In art the children studied the work of ‘Harding’ and focused on colour and boldness and how to create movement through a picture. They then used stencils or created their own pictures using Harding’s work as inspiration for their own artwork. The children had to replicate the style of the artist whilst developing their own creative ideas.

Science Workshop

In the last week before we finished, half of our year 6 children visited Morley Academy to have a taster science session in the laboratories. They had a fantastic time learning how to use bunsen burners properly and safely. The children also carried out lots of chemical reactions involving acids, alkalis and magnesium. The highlight was when the teacher tested a balloon full of gas with a lit splint, to see if it was hydrogen. There was certainly a bang which showed that a chemical reaction had taken place between hydrogen and oxygen and it also ensured they were fully awake!

The children compared and contrasted our classrooms with the lab and we discussed the safety rules of working in a science lab. From this session year 6 are very excited about their science lessons next year.