Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood


'There's so much more to a book than just the reading.'  Maurice Sendak

Reading is one of the biggest life skills that we can give our children and our number one priority at Morley Victoria. In an ideal world we would love all of our children to read on a daily basis or carry out a reading based activity every day at home. It is vital that our children not only read but that they are read to. Children love listening to stories, no matter how old they are. Please - share books, talk about books, join the library…make it a special time to sit and read together. There are many audio books available to share with your child. This sometimes gives a different slant on reading if someone else or even the author is reading the story,  Listening to the change in tone and different voices can make it very exciting and appealing. It is also lovely and relaxing way to end the day.

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum and we are determined to ensure that everyone leaves Morley Victoria with the reading skills to cope with the next stage of their education.  We work on reading at school every day in various different ways – individually, in pairs, in groups and some of our oldest children even go and read to some of our youngest children! This is a real privilege and such a treat to watch.

Our main book scheme in school is 'Bug Club' but we do have a range of resources and reading materials as we recognise that one scheme will not fit all types of learners.  Comprehension skills are vitally important, not only to reading but to maths and other areas of the curriculum. Learning to retrieve information and to infer meaning are two of the main teaching points we are going to be looking at this year as we introduce whole class reading as a consistent and precise way of teaching the skills of reading. 

We are lucky that our children have access to a range of different books in our libraries and class book corners.  We also have a book saving scheme operating in Foundation Stage to encourage that love of books from the very start. 

In school we also have:

  • A book borrowing scheme
  • Reading challenges
  • Reading ambassadors
  • Community reading partnerships
  • Recommended reading lists for fiction, non-fiction, poetry and magazines
  • Reading assemblies

 Each year we have reading workshops for different year groups.  This will give parents the opportunity to come in and learn how we teach children to read so that we can work together to improve reading and comprehension skills.  In Reception and Nursery parents and carers are seen on a 1:1 basis to go through great hints and tips about how the get the most out of reading at home.

We are always open and looking at ways to further encourage reading – let us know if you have any ideas.