As a school, we have developed our own order of teaching for the first 100 High Frequency Words. This was developed by the subject leaders for Early Reading and Phonics.

The 100 words have been split in to 25 sets of words and into Phase 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each set contains between 3 and 5 words. The words have been grouped specifically in order to aid the children’s learning of them e.g. he, she, me, we and be have been grouped together in one set as they all contain the /e/ grapheme with the pronunciation of /ee/.

The children are taught the sets of words in phonics lessons e.g. they will learn Phase 3 Set 9 words alongside learning Phase 3 graphemes. The children take the sets of words home with them to practise. Each set has two copies of each word, on different coloured card. This means that children can play games e.g. snap, to make learning them a fun and engaging experience. The children will take home their first set of words once they have started reading Lilac book band, which is usually during Nursery or Reception.

We aim for all children to be able to instantly sight read the first 100 high frequency words by the end of Year 1 but, due to individual needs, some children will continue to learn them into Year 2 and beyond. Once the children have learnt the first 100 words by sight, they then begin to learn the next 200 Common Words. These are not routinely sent home on flash cards but will be occasionally so as to ensure we meet the needs of individual children.

Within the list of 100 High Frequency words are the Tricky Words taught in each phase, these are highlighted in yellow. What makes these words 'tricky' is that they can not be sounded out and blended correctly using the child's phonics knowledge at that phase of learning. They therefore have to be learnt as a whole word through regular exposure and practise. 

Attached below is the 100 High Frequency word list along with Tricky Words mats for each phonics phase of learning. In addition, there is the list of 200 Common Words. There is also a list of games and activities which can played with your child's word cards at home to help them learn them.