The Phonics Screening Check is a statutory reading check that all year 1 children take during a particular week in June. The check is designed to assess if each child has reached the age appropriate standard of decoding by the end of year 1. The check is administered on a 1:1 basis with their class teacher. The children read 40 words, 20 of which are real words and 20 are pseudo or nonsense words. The children can read the words as whole words or by breaking them down into their component sounds, using their knowledge of the alphabetic code, followed by blending the sounds together. The children will have had lots of exposure to similar acitivities and resources

through their phonics lessons, aswell as undertaking mock screenings. We ensure it does not feel like a ‘test’ and the children simply think they are doing some reading with their teacher.

Since the check was first introduced in 2012, the expected standard has been a minimum of 32/40 words read correctly. As a parent, you will be informed of your child’s score shortly after the completion of the check. If a child does not reach the expected standard in year 1, they will receive additional support and intervention in year 2 and will re-sit the check in the June of that year. If your child is in year 1 at our school, you will receive further information about the phonics screening check at our reading workshop (this way take a different format this year to ensure we keep everyone safe) and learning review meetings. There is a parents guide attached below which contains more details about the check. As always, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you have any concerns about the check or phonics in general. We are always happy to help. There is also a link below to some past papers.