Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood


Getting our children to be physically active and see the benefits of doing so is a key area for development at Morley Victoria.  Children need to be physically active for at least 1 hour a day – 30 minutes of which should be in school.  If children see the importance and huge benefits of physical activity they will continue to be physically active into adulthood and be healthier as a result.

We are working hard to make sure our timetable allows time for active breaks where the children have a break from learning and a chance to refocus ready for the next lesson.  Getting outside to learn as much as possible is also crucial and is something we plan for weekly.

We are constantly working on our playgrounds to ensure they are as active as possible.  We are working hard with the school council to develop activities that the children will engage in and to enable them to be physically active.

PE Partner are working with us to help deliver this important aspect of our curriculum.  We have some exciting things planned for 2019-20 so watch this space!