Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood


Writing is a key priority for us at Morley Victoria and we are striving to achieve a more consistent approach to the writing process to enable us to develop more successful writers. This process starts in our Foundation Stage where the children begin mark making and forming the letter families correctly. We encourage writing in our areas of provision and always ensure that there is a real purpose for writing to motivate the children. This is then celebrated and shared to promote success in all of our children. In Reception children begin to compose simple sentences, focusing on description, letter formation and spelling of the first 45 words.

This process is then followed into Key Stage One whereby the foundations of writing are built upon even further. We develop a scaffold for writing to build confidence in our children and a passion for writing. We ensure that the children have correctly formed letters which is then developed into the joining of digraphs to begin the next stage in the process of handwriting by the end of this key stage. Talk for Writing is also used to aid with the re-telling of familiar stories and the children begin to build their independence in writing for a real purpose using an experience, book or theme to support this. The process of writing is embedded and grammar is incorporated within this complex process to ensure that the children have a complete set of skills including spelling, handwriting and grammar to ensure that they are prepared for the next stage of their writing journey. Prior to progressing into Key Stage Two we ensure that the children have been taught the process of being able to plan, write and edit their own writing independently.

As the children move into Key Stage Two they build upon their bank of vocabulary, spelling and grammar skills to enable the quantity and quality of writing to continue to develop. At Morley Victoria we are very conscious about allowing children to become independent, successful writers with their own style and flair and this is celebrated within class, assemblies and published on our Twitter account as well. Celebrating success and building confident writers is high on our agenda and this is seen throughout the entire curriculum and linked to provide real purposeful writing wherever possible.

We firmly believe that writing is linked to reading. By encouraging our children to read regularly, enjoy books and develop a love of reading, they can use ideas for settings, characters and elements of non-fiction books they have read. This also encourages children to use vocabulary and sentence structures they have seen in a variety of texts thus improving their work even further.

Our strive is to give our children excellent, independent writing skills so that they can be successful at every stage of their education.