Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood


Behaviour both inside and outside the classroom is a strength of our school and is something that is commented upon when people come to visit our school or when we are out and about on visits.  We have very high expectations of our children and promote a positive, respectful culture where Character Education is a priority and weaved through our curriculum at all levels.  Morley Victoria is a safe, calm environment, we have clear routines and expectations across all aspects of school life.  Pupils have high levels of self-control and are able to reflect wisely, learn eagerly and behave with integrity.  Being polite and well mannered is something we teach the children and expect from each and every one.  We also create an environment where they have pride in themselves, in others and in their school.

Each classroom and team within school has rules that children follow – these are written with the help of the children.  There are many positive rewards for good behaviour but clear consequences for children not getting their behaviour right.  We have great staff and a highly experienced inclusion team who can help and support any child who is having difficulty with their behaviour.  We also have the Morley Cluster that we can draw on for support too if needed.  We work tirelessly to make sure we have things right in school for each child and always look for alternative strategies to isolation or exclusion.