Cultural Cohesion Quality Chartermark

We are excited to be part of one of the first schools in Leeds to register and start our work towards the Bronze Level of the Cultural Cohesion Quality Mark.  The principles that sit behind this chartermark are ones which we wholeheartedly believe in.  We are going to be working even harder on building strong, harmonious relationships where diversity is recognised, appreciated and promoted.

Inequality, bias and discrimination exists in all walks of life – in gender, race, age class, disability, locality, religion and more.  This stifles opportunities and takes a heavy toll on peoples’ wellbeing and happiness.  As a school we have a responsibility to change our young peoples’ thoughts and feelings towards different people in society.

We are going to start our work towards this chartermark in the summer of 2019 – this is going to be a long process and it involves threading the principles throughout all areas of school in every year group from Nursery to Year 6.  We are excited about this and feel that it fits so well with the culture and ethos of Morley Victoria.

For more information on the Cultural Cohesion Chartermark:

Did you know?

  • Research has shown that people with Chinese, African, Indian or Pakistani sounding names were 28% less likely to be invited to a job interview compared with those who had English sounding names.
  • 78% of UK companies have a gender pay gap that favours men, with far fewer women in senior positions.
  • 67% of British people feel uncomfortable around disabled people, over a third think disabled people are less productive.
  • Almost 1 in 5 LGBT staff have been a target of negative comments or conduct in the workplace.
  • 20 children are excluded from school every day for the racist abuse of their peers.
  • On average a boy born in the most affluent areas will outlive a boy born in one of the poorest areas by 8.4 years.
  • 1 in 8 of the working age population are from a BME background, yet only 1 in 16 top management positions are held by a minority ethnic person.