Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood

Safeguarding Statement

Our prime responsibility as a school is to ensure that all of our children are safe both at home and at school. At Morley Victoria we have a culture where we make safeguarding everyone's responsibility from the Senior Leaders to office staff, from volunteers to parents and the children themselves.  Safeguarding can be defined as:

‘The process of protecting children from abuse or neglect, preventing impairment of their health and development, and ensuring they are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care that enables children to have optimum life chances and enter adulthood successfully’. 

Morley Victoria Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children.  To achieve our commitment, we will ensure continuous development and improvement of robust safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding among our staff, governors and volunteers. We also work closely with the Children's Centre, the local Cluster and other outside agencies to support families.

We are committed to inspiring, challenging and safeguarding our pupils, enabling them to become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve their potential.
  • Confident, well-rounded individuals who are able to live safe, healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.
  • Responsible citizens who will make a positive contribution, both socially and economically, to society.

This is best achieved when we all work together to support the development of the whole child. We pride ourselves on knowing not just about our children’s learning, but about them and their families as individuals and valued members of our school and community.

We actively support the Government's Prevent agenda to counter radicalism and extremism; BLAST to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and grooming; online safety and we promote the awareness of a wide variety of other education to ensure safe and positive lifestyles, this includes sex and relationships education including consent and contraception. Following new staff training courses, 2019/20 will also see the introduction of FGM into the curriculum for the older children.

We have a number of policies and procedures in place that contribute to our safeguarding commitment, including our Child Protection Policy which can be viewed in the Policies section of our website.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead personnel for Morley Victoria Primary School are:

Mrs J Britton and Mrs J Wood (Co-Headteachers)

Mrs J Grayston (Emotional Health and Wellbeing Manager for Key Stage Two) 

Mrs S Gilbertson (Early Years Liaison Manager for Key Stage One).      

Mrs J Northfield (Learning Mentor)

All adults who work in school have a responsibility to read and understand the key safeguarding policies and to act within accordance of the policy at all times. This expectation is explained in the Staff Handbook and in the visitors' ‘Welcome’ leaflet. (Available at the school office)

All adults in school are expected to read the DfE booklet: 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' and 'Annexe A'. This was revised in September 2019. They also read the 'Safer Working Practice Guidance'; the school Child Protection Policy; the School's Whistleblowing Policy; the Behaviour and Discipline Policy and the new guidance on 'Children Missing in Education'. We also make it very clear who the Designated Child Protection Staff are and what their responsibilities are. Staff are required to sign to say they have read and understood these documents on an annual basis.

Staff undertake Child Protection Training every three years - most recently this was in January 2018. Staff had Safer Working Practice Training in February 2019. Mental Health First Aid Training for all staff is planned for the October 2019.

The Designated staff undertake training courses each year to ensure that they keep their training up to date.

Governors are asked to read the same documents and sign to say they have read them. They must also read Annexe C about Online Safety and the section regarding Safer Recruitment. In November 2018 the Governors attended a safeguarding briefing that was arranged through Governor Support Services as part of their training schedule. Several of our Governors are also 'Safer Recruitment' trained to support the school in the recruitment process.

Further information about safeguarding children in Leeds can be found on the Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership website:

f you have any worries or concerns about any of our children or our families, including your own family - we are here to help and support. Please don't wait, contact a member of staff confidentially as soon as possible, the door is always open. Remember, safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

LSCB - Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership


Safeguarding events and training:

  • CAPE Conference
  • Supervision Training
  • Safer Working Practice
  • Prevent Briefing - The Far Right
  • GDPR Training
  • Knife Crime Webinar
  • Safeguarding and Prevent Strategy Webinar
  • Teacher Workload Webinar
  • Mental Health & Behaviour Webinar
  • How to shape PSHE Provision Webinar
  • Safeguarding Webinar
  • Outstanding SMSC Webinar
  • The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health
  • Anxiety Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Child Protection Training for staff new to Morley Victoria
  • CEOP Training
  • LGBT Training
  • Prevent Training
  • Weapons Awareness 
  • Protecting Children from Extremism
  • First Aid training for some staff and all children from Nursery to Y6


You may well be aware that the Government launched a new website, 'Educate Against Hate' The website is very informative with a particular section for parents. This can be viewed at the link below and is well worth a look. If you have any concerns please contact the school.