This year at Morley Victoria we are excited to announce our new Eco-Committee who are going to help us become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly school. The Eco-Committee is a group of children from Years 1-6 who want to use their voices and create change within school.

The children volunteered for the role and stated why they think they should be elected. Each class then held a vote to democratically decide who should represent them. We were astonished by the number of children that volunteered in each class!

Congratulations to our 2020/21 members:

Year 1: Heidi and Isabelle

Year 2: Mason, Evie and Dylan

Year 3: Annabel and Layla

Year 4: Bradley and Madalyn

Year 5: Leyla and Maisie

Year 6: Ryan, Xavier and Skye


The Eco-Committee will be meeting once a half term to discuss, plan and take action. Our first steps will involve reviewing the environmental steps Morley Victoria is already taking and creating an action plan for our goals for this year.

We will be updating this page with our meeting minutes and any resources we produce for both children and families to use.