Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood

School Council

This year we have decided to elect our school council members differently.  Those children from each class who wanted to stand for this important position had to give a speech to their class.  The class teachers then chose the best 6 speeches.  Those 6 children then had the opportunity to canvas for votes in their class for one week only.  Some children delivered another speech, made and displayed posters and some even had a question time in their class and made badges for their supporters.  After a week of canvassing the children in each class had to cast their votes using official voting cards.  The children used an old polling booth and put their votes into a ballot box.  The results were then shared in an assembly. Congratulations to all the school councillors for this year.


Emily & Finlay


Sophia & Theo


Analeigh & Stella


Holly & Skye


Delta & Ryan


Chloe & Shaunak


Claudia & Jacob


Lilly & Harry

Key Stage One 

Year 1 -   Amy-Rae, Annabel & Molly

Year 2 -   Amelia, Finlay &  Ophelia


In Key Stage Two we have a couple of representatives that attend the Morley Cluster Council Meetings every term.  They then bring any projects or items back to our school council to work on or discuss.  The ASPIRE school councils also get together every term – it is an opportunity to look around different schools and share how differently each school works.  It is lovely because we can learn from each other. 

So far, thanks to the work of the school council, we have managed to achieve so many things:

We have purchased new atlases for school.

We have changed how we teach languages in Key Stage Two.

We have bright and colourful book corners full of great books.

We have organised and run fund raising stalls at break times.

We have worked on healthy snacks at break times.

We have promoted the importance of drinking water throughout the day.

We have looked at lost property.

We have looked at break time routines and equipment.

We have discussed anti-bullying.