Morley Victoria Primary School

“A strong professional culture exists in and between the schools in the Aspire Partnership” (School Improvement Partner)
“All children are encouraged to reach their individual potential and to be themselves. They are constantly learning and are very aware of their environment” (Morley Victoria parent)
“The Aspire Partnership, Morley Victoria, Asquith, Churwell and Fountain primaries, has been a hugely successful initiative led by four very committed head teachers” (Liz Mellor, School Improvement Advisor)
“It is all about the well rounded child. Results matter, but this is a very inclusive school where every child matters” (Morley Victoria Governor)
“When we came to look around the school we felt welcomed and supported to ask any questions. Above all else, we were impressed by how every child smiled with genuine pleasure” (Parent of a past pupil)
“Morley Victoria is a ‘can do’ school for all” (Local Authority Advisor)
“The school ensures that pupils lie at the heart of everything that happens” (OFSTED)
“Morley Victoria has outstanding teaching and learning because staff are tightly focused on ensuring that pupils of all abilities do as well as they can” (OFSTED)
“The school has an abundance of talented, creative and enthusiastic pupils” (Investors in Pupils Assessor)
“This is a very happy and purposeful school that is extremely well thought of by pupils, parents and carers” (OFSTED)
“This school has an outstanding curriculum which reflects pupils’ need to learn and practise a wide range of skills as well as literacy and numeracy skills” (OFSTED)
“The excellent results are a testimony to the excellent teaching throughout the whole of the school starting with the nursery” (Chair of Governors)

Welcome to Morley Victoria Primary School

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Morley Victoria Primary School. I hope that you find the information within our website both useful and interesting. We hope to provide for you, a valuable insight into the high quality education we deliver to our children. Our pupils are given opportunity and encouragement to enjoy school and be successful. Great importance is placed upon providing stimulating experiences for our children both inside and outside the classroom. We continue to develop strong partnerships between the pupils, staff, parents, governors and the local and wider community. Our school works closely with Asquith, Churwell and Fountain Primary Schools, as part of the Aspire Partnership. We have developed a strong culture based on teamwork which has created a school which goes that “extra mile” for its pupils.

Enjoy your ‘journey’ around the site. - R H J Elstub

Latest September 2014 - July 2015 Events

Reception to Year 1 Transition Visit06Jul2015

14:45 pm - 15:15 pm

Year 6 Performance07Jul2015

19:00 pm - 21:00 pm @ Main School Hall

Instrumentalists Summer Concert10Jul2015

14:00 pm - 15:00 pm

Reception to Year 1 transition visit13Jul2015

14:45 pm - 15:30 pm

Year 6 Leavers Disco14Jul2015

19:00 pm - 20:30 pm

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