Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood

Staff and their Curriculum Responsibilities

Co-Headteachers Mrs J Britton - Child Protection (English)
Mrs J Wood - SENCO (Closing the Gap), Science
Support Teacher Mr W Kirkwood (Librarian)
Year Group Teachers Teaching Assistants
Nursery Mrs I Duley (Reading)/ Mrs J Wilks (EYFS Provision) Miss L Barnaby
Mrs M Hemsley
Mrs S Roberts
Miss J Thurston
Miss C Wagstaff
Reception Mrs C Maybank – Foundation Stage Manager (F/KS1 PSHE/RE/ British Values) Mrs N Scholes
  Miss C Wagstaff
Mr R Spillane (Art/ KS1 ICT) Ms N Bray
  Mrs H Furniss
Year One Miss V Mapplebeck (Phonics) Mrs A Davidson
Mrs L Balderstone (KS1 Music) Mrs D Madden
  Mrs D Scargill
Year Two Mrs D Smith – KS1 Manager (Writing) Mr Allen
Miss H Young (P.E.) Mrs J Wood
  Mrs J Edmondson
Year Three Mr J Dougal (KS2 Music/ KS2 ICT) Mrs A Taylor
Miss S McCullagh (Design Technology/ Cooking)/ Mrs C Evans (EAL) Miss D Walker
  Mrs C Walsh
Year Four Miss R Cook (Languages/ Outdoor Learning)  
Miss R Sharpe  (NQT)
Year Five Mrs A Cherry (History/ Geography)  
Miss L Owen (NQT)
Year Six Mr K Precious – Upper KS2 Manager (Maths)  Mrs L Hopkins
Mrs K Bentley - (KS2 PSHE/RE/ British Values)
The Support Staff play an important role in the smooth running of our school.  The members are as follows: 
Emotional Health & Well-being Manager Mrs J Grayston - Child Protection
Early Years Liaison Manager Mrs S Gilbertson - Child Protection
Assistant SENCO & Line Manager for Teaching Assistants Mrs M Ashlee
Admin Staff Miss H Taylor – School Business Manager
Mrs C Davies – School Administrator
Mrs D Hughes – Finance Assistant 
Environment Staff Miss V Armitage 
School Superintendent Mr K Parker 
Cleaning Staff Mrs C Bastow Mrs J Brooks
Mrs C Holgate Ms K Greenwood
Miss M Roberts Ms S Sheppard 
Ms T Wilber  
Midday Supervisors Mrs D Bower Ms S Sheppard 
Lunchtime Assistants Mrs R Dobson Mrs V Falcon
Mrs S Freeman Mrs P Haley
Mrs H Gavaghan Mrs A McKenna
Mrs C Mead Mrs A O’Leary
Mr M Rollinson Miss M Roberts
Mrs S  Wincote  Ms L Simon
Ms S Burgess  
Peripatetic Music Staff Mrs A Smith - Pianist
Mr J Whiston - Violinist
Mr T Reed - Guitar and Ukulele
PE Partners Sports Coach Mr J Rhodes 
Mr S Raine