Reading Across School

Reading is our number one skill at Morley Victoria – our ‘Master Skill’.  We therefore have reading opportunities everywhere in school.  Wherever you are in school there will be books available for our children to read and enjoy.

Book Corners

We have a book corner in every classroom that is inviting, well organized and resourced with high quality books.  The book corners are inviting and children love to spend time in there reading independently or with a friend.  These are organised into fiction, non-fiction and poetry books and are resourced to support the children with the subjects they are learning about as a class and to widen their breath and depth of reading as well as building their general knowledge too.


It is important that all children have access to high quality reading materials and access to a library as well as access to our book scheme and classroom book corners/areas.  We are lucky enough to have a Year 1 library, Year 2 library and a Key Stage 2 library.  Again we ensure that the libraries are well stocked with a range of high quality, diverse books that our children want to pick up and read.  We also encourage our children to visit the library in Morley and in the center if Leeds too.

We would like to encourage all children to visit their local library. We are very lucky to have a fantastic library in Morley where all children and families are welcome. Visit for more information.

Reading in Provision

We provide reading opportunities in our areas of provision both inside and outside the classroom.  Access to reading material can be found in all areas of provision and it is lovely to see the children reading the books together.

Reading Outside

We encourage reading in all areas of school and have provided reading opportunities outside too by investing in outside book boxes and a story telling area in school too.  It is lovely to see children sharing quality texts at all times of the day.

Key Stage One

Key Stage Two