Investors in Pupils

Investors in Pupils is a simple concept that builds on the principles of Investors in People, to empower all pupils, increase motivation and contribute to raising achievement across all Key Stages. At Morley Victoria we first gained this accreditation in 2001/2 and we have held it ever since - this is an achievement that we are very proud of. Our last re-accreditation was in the Autumn Term of 2022.

The programme offers schools a framework for involving pupils in decision making, developing responsibility and leadership in relation to their learning, behaviour, attendance, classroom management and induction. It is powerful in developing a positive ethos where pupils learn about how the school is run, and, in turn, understand how they themselves can contribute to the running of the school. Pupils commit to common goals and teamwork – together with each other and with staff.

The Investors in Pupils award lasts for three years from the date of a successful assessment, with many schools continuing to accredit to the award valuing the contribution and focus it brings in developing pupil voice and school improvement strategies. Ofsted inspection reports continue to acknowledge school achievement and the valuable contribution of Investors in Pupils.

The staff and children work very hard together to improve and maintain the following five areas in the school:

  1. Behaviour
  2. Learning
  3. Attendance and Punctuality
  4. Classroom organisation and management
  5. Induction of new pupils and new staff


Each class works on their own set of rules which we call our Mission Statement. These are written collaboratively as a class and are displayed in a prominent position in each classroom.

Children are well behaved throughout the school, demonstrating a polite, courteous and friendly manner at all times. Behaviour during assembly times is excellent; children listen well to contributions and demonstrate a positive appreciation of other achievements. There is a calm, purposeful ethos throughout the school.

There is a strong whole school reward system embedded across all Key Stages. Pupils understand that team points and rewards can be earned for good behaviour, effort, manners, and a range of achievements. Children say they are happy and proud when they achieve their goals.


A really important part of Investors in Pupils is making sure that everyone has a positive attitude towards learning. From the moment children start school here at Morley Victoria we want them to be inspired and motivated in order to reach their full potential. A vital part of learning is knowing where to go next. This is something we focus on strongly, with individual and class targets to work on this helps us strive for continuous improvement. Targets are agreed collaboratively between children and teachers. The children also have an input on how their targets are displayed.

Learning achievements and successes are regularly shared and celebrated in class and assemblies.

Attendance & Punctuality

The attendance strand of Investors in Pupils is developed through a focus at a whole school level. 100% attendance is recognised on a termly basis through displays and awards. Attendance is monitored on a daily basis and the Health and Wellbeing Managers support individual pupils and families where there are specific concerns. Children demonstrate an excellent understanding of why they come to school and the importance of attending school every day and on time. We also share the class that gains the highest attendance figures on Twitter. 

Classroom Organisation and Management

Classrooms are well organised, clean and tidy. There is an obvious emphasis on good classroom management. Displays indicate that the work of the children is highly valued and also used effectively to share information. Children in each class are assigned particular jobs in order to help with the smooth running of the class on a day to day basis. The children enjoy these responsibilities. In Key Stage Two each class is allocated £20 budget, for classroom resources. If an item is lost or broken and needs replacing it is subtracted from the budget.

Induction of New Pupils

All classes have induction booklets or presentations. In many classes these have been used to support pupils or adults new to school. Children are aware of their responsibilities for helping and befriending new children and staff. All new staff have an induction too - they do this with a member of the Senior Leadership Team but everyone helps to make new 'family' members very welcome.

Investors in Pupils across the School

In every classroom we have children whose job it is to be an 'expert' in Investors in Pupils.  They are able to describe how everything works in their own classroom and can explain this to visitors or anyone who is new to our school.