Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education is a school subject through which pupils gain the knowledge and skills required to stay healthy, happy and safe, and thrive in their futures

At Morley Victoria we recognise the importance of preparing our children for the world in which we live today and so PSHE is considered a ‘core’ subject and is taught weekly in all year groups. Through a variety of teaching and learning strategies we aim to develop pupils’ confidence, resilience, and self-esteem, and their ability to identify and manage risk, make informed choices and understand what influences their decisions.

We follow a scheme of work called “You, me and PSHE” in Years 1-6. There are 7 strands within the scheme which lay out age appropriate topics for the children to cover-


Identity, society and equality

Drug, alcohol and tobacco education

Physical health and well being

Mental health and emotional well being

Keeping safe and managing risk

Careers, financial capability and economic well being

Sex and relationship education


We also supplement this scheme with a whole range of other vital life skills including: Investors in Pupils, CHIPS (challenging homophobia in primary schools,) British Values, online safety, fire safety, anti-bullying week, stranger danger, first aid training, Stonewall, road safety, water safety, cycling smart and railway safety.  Character Education and Protected Characteristics are also weaved through the PSHE curriculum and throughout all aspects of school life.

In order to provide a safe and happy learning environment where children can express themselves freely we have established a set of ground rules when conducting PSHE lessons. These rules were chosen by our children and include:

  • To be kind to and supportive of each other
  • To laugh with but not at each other
  • To listen by looking at each other and not interrupting
  • To respect other people’s views and feelings
  • It’s ok to say pass

If you would like to see what is taught in each year group, please see the long-term plans in the curriculum section.