"It helps me to be organised."  MV Pupil

"It is a good way of communicating between home and school."  MV Parent

At Morley Victoria we believe that the pathway to success includes being organised. This is a life skill that we would like to help the children develop to aid them in their learning. Therefore, in Key Stage Two we have decided to provide each child with a planner.  These have been specially designed for us and are unique to our school. Inside there is space for the children to record their homework and their all-important reading. There are also key facts for grammar, spellings, times tables and the children can even keep track of their attendance and punctuality!

The children are taught how to use their planners at the start of each academic year.  As the children get older it also prepares them for high school as they are designed to be similar to the ones the local high schools use.

We ask our parents to support their child’s class teacher by ensuring that they check their child’s planner daily for homework challenges and messages and read as often as possible (at least three times a week but daily if at all possible) recording this in the appropriate place. It is vital that the children have their planner in school every day if they are to be used effectively.

As the communication between home and school is so crucial there is a space for parents to write any messages we need and a place for parents to sign each week.  The planners are taken in by the teachers every week to monitor reading at home and weekly signatures. From time to time we may also write a message for parents so it is important that the children’s planner travels safely from home to school and back.

If we work together, we can make the planners a real success!