Mrs J Britton & Mrs J Wood

general knowledge

'Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating.'  Kofi Anan

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.'  Benjamin Franklin

Improving the general knowledge of our children at Morley Victoria is a key priority.  Having a good general knowledge is an essential life skill and adds to the qualities of our children who are all unique.  We widen the childrens’ general knowledge in many ways, some are listed below:

  • Teaching a broad and balanced national curriculum – See the booklet named ‘A Curriculum that Matters’ and year group long term plans
  • Giving the children experiences that are beyond the curriculum – See the booklet ‘Beyond the Curriculum’
  • A comprehensive and detailed PSHE curriculum
  • Providing a range of experiences throughout their time with us – See our Morley Victoria Passport
  • Current affairs and news are discussed weekly in the classroom
  • A detailed assembly programme planned to discuss and talk about key dates, inspirational people etc
  • Reading comprehensions are planned to build general knowledge
  • Reading of 'The Week' magazine
  • Quality texts in classrooms, libraries and around school
  • Homework tasks
  • Visits and visitors
  • Residential visits
  • Each year group studies different countries each term