Sporting Events

Summer Term 2023


 Sports Days

This is always a favourite on the MV calendar for children, staff and parents.  It was a highlight for many children, it was lovely to see their determination to have a go and support each other too, despite the mixed weather.

 Elstub Cup

Once again, we have held the Elstub Cup – this is where both Year 6 classes play a football match against one another to see who can be victorious and win the prestigious Elstub Cup.  This year as it took place on the same day as the start of the Women’s World Cup we had a girls football match too!

 10 Step

The children in KS2 enjoyed taking part in our annual 10 step challenge where they show case their athletic talents and aim for a score higher than the previous years.

 Junior Warrior

This is always a highlight of the year – such an amazing experience for our year 5 and 6 children.  Successful completion of the course required participants to show grit and determination to overcome obstacles.  Everyone did so well (including the staff), had fun and got very muddy along the way – we think it was even muddier than last year!

 Dance Spectacular

A group of children have been working hard to learn a dance with Mrs Smith which they performed on the Leeds Rhinos pitch with hundreds of other school children.  This was a fantastic opportunity and they performed so well!

 Women’s World Cup

We celebrated the start of this by having our KS2 sports day teams linked to some of the countries of the world cup and having a girl’s football match on Elstub Cup day.  We have also designed a holiday homework challenge to encourage our children to watch it!

 Leeds United Foundation

Leeds United Foundation have been into a school to run a project with Year 4 around healthy eating – this ended with a tour around Elland Road – something the children and staff loved!


Different year groups have had the opportunity to take part in Rugby tournaments this term – their teamwork was fantastic.

 Leeds Rhinos

The Leeds Rhinos have been into school on several occasions this term and worked with a range of year groups to raise the profile of Rugby and develop the children’s skills.  They also delivered rugby sessions to girls in Year 3 and 4 too.


Mr Dougal took a team to take part in a Triathlon at John Charles Centre – This was something different and enjoyed by all.


A group of children went with Mr Rushfirth to take part in a Panathlon Event.  They had such fun.  We were very proud!

 Aqua Panthalon Event

Mr Rushfirth and Miss Cook took a group of children to this event for the first time.  It was amazing and something the children will remember!

 Girls Football

This club goes from strength to strength and you can see the improvements the team are making week on week.  Miss McCullagh and Mr Precious ran this club – they took part in a day competition and played very well.

 PE Partner

PE Partner continues to run their after school clubs which are very popular with a wide range of children.


Miss Shaw has been running a netball club for Year 5 and 6 and have been very impressed with their teamwork and skill development.  They have taken part in a tournament and even played against the staff!


Dodgeball remains a firm favourite at MV. Recently, our Year 5 children went to Morley Leisure Centre to take part in the annual tournament. Although we played very well as a team, we did not quite make the final rounds – fingers crossed for next time!


We had a few football games this term with mixed results.  All of the children who played, did so with grit, determination and a good team spirit.  In our last match of the year the Year 5 and 6 team got the final but sadly lost – great effort though! Thanks to Mr Dougal for coaching the team and taking them to the event.


A team of children went with Miss Cook to try a new game called Pickleball – a cross between tennis, squash and table tennis!

 Rainbow Club

Another group of Key Stage 1 children went to a Rainbow Club event with Miss Smith and Miss Allen where they had chance to practise lots of different PE based skills.

 Olympic Event

This was a special event held at John Charles – our team worked very hard and smashed a huge victory for the second year running! Thanks to Mr Stott for organising this successful event.


A group of KS2 children went to the tennis courts in Dartmouth Park to have a tennis lesson and have a go at playing on a full-size court with Miss Sunter and Ms Wood.


A group of children went to the Urban Bike Park with Mrs Smith and Mr Allen to take part in an orienteering activity – this was enjoyed by all!


Mr Precious has taken some teams out to compete in a couple of events this term – he has been impressed with their skills and teamwork.


A group of Year 6 children went to Morley Academy to learn how to play badminton and to have a go at playing a match.  They all did incredibly well.

 Circus Skills

Our Reception children were lucky enough to take part in a circus skills workshop – this was a great experience for the whole year group.

Spring Term 2023

Physical Activity

Physical activity in school remains a huge priority.  We ensure that out playgrounds are active and that our children get outdoors for as much time as possible in the school day.

Commando Joes

The staff have had Commando Joes training this term and we have purchased the resources to deliver this excellent scheme which not only promotes physical activity but also character development and teamwork.  Some year groups are trailing this at the moment and we aim to roll it out to all next year.

Sports Leaders

The year 5 children continue with their crucial role as sports leaders for the younger children – this is an important role and one which is appreciated by the staff and younger children.

Karate Assembly

We had a local Karate company in to deliver an assembly about martial arts – this was great and enjoyed by all.

Leeds Rhinos

The Leeds Rhinos have visited on a number of occasions this term to deliver assemblies and to teach the children some rugby skills.

PE Partner clubs

PE Partner continue to run their after school clubs – please visit their website if you are interested in joining in with these clubs.

Girls Football

This continues to go from strength to strength in school and we have had a couple of events this term.  We also have some planned next term too.

Football League

Our Year 5 and 6 children have played several matches this year and played very well as a team – they ended up finishing in 4th place out of 12 – well done!

Year 3 and 4 Football

Our Year 3 and 4 children took part in a PE Partner football tournament – both teams did incredibly well and one team made it through to the final.

The White Rose Cheer

A team of key stage one children took part in a fantastic cheerleading dance activity – this was enjoyed by all of the team.


We took a key stage 2 team to an athletics tournament – they represented the school incredibly well.

Cross Country Finals

For the first time in a long time, we managed to get 3 children into the Leeds Final – this was a real challenge and they performed very well.

Ice Skating

A group of year 5 children visited the Leeds rink and tried to learn a new skill!

Tag Rugby – Mr Precious took some children to take part in a Tag Rugby event.


Mr Rushfirth took a team to the annual Panathlon event – he was really impressed with the team and how they supported each other.

Swimming Gala

This is an annual event enjoyed by all; all our swimmers represented the school very well in a number of races.


Autumn Term 2022

PE and Sports

A huge thank you to Miss Young and Mr Stott who have organised many of the sports competitions this term. It is so lovely to have such a variety of activities on offer for all abilities. So far this year we have taken part in rugby, football, inclusive sports and bowling to name a few!  We have many more events planned this academic year too!

Physical Activity

Physical activity remains a priority at Morley Victoria. With PE lessons and active breaks, we are striving to move towards to being fitter and healthier – mentally and physically, in 2023!

National Fitness Day

Many classes in school had a star jump challenge to do in their active break on National Fitness Day.  This was enjoyed by all and we managed to do over 48,000 star jumps within the school day!


Our year 4 children have started their weekly swimming lessons; they are enjoying them so much and learning a crucial life skill too.

Leeds Well-School Partnership

The school continues to be part of South Leeds Well-Schools Partnership which offers many opportunities for our children and as a school we shape the offer for the children of Morley too.

PE Partner

PE Partner continue to provide a range of after school clubs to children across school – these are enjoyed by all who attend.


Our Year 6 football team have played incredibly well so far this season and have won most matches! They have shown true grit and determination. A big thank you to Mr Dougal for organising and managing the team!  We have also taken a year 4 team to a tournament too – they played well and enjoyed the experience.  KS1 have also had the opportunity to take part in a competition too.

Girls Football

Our girl’s football team have grown from strength to strength and in numbers too! We have started our training sessions and are developing our skills very well.  We have taken part in a tournament and we look forward to seeing how they perform in 2023!  A big thank you to Miss McCullagh who coaches the team!


We have had a rugby tournament this term. The children really enjoyed practising their rugby skills.

Inclusive Athletics Competition

We took a wonderful group of children to the inclusive athletics competition this year. They had a great time and showed great teamwork and support for one another.

Ten Pin Bowling

Mr Rushfirth recently took a small group of children bowling – this was a wonderful opportunity and the team were extremely competitive!

Cross Country

For the first time Mrs Wood took a cross country team to a cross country race at Middleton Park.  It was extremely competitive and the course was very challenging.  The team did a great job and 3 children made it into the Leeds finals!

World Cup

World cup fever swept through the school this term – the children enjoyed watching England’s first match and following their progress in the competition.

Dance Club

Miss Sunter and Mrs Smith have run a dance club this half term in preparation for the Christmas concerts – the children have really enjoyed working together towards their performance.


Miss Cook has been working hard with her handball team to develop their knowledge of the game and their skills.  They will be competing in a competition next term.

KS1 Gymnastics

A group of Year 2 children had the opportunity to take part in a gymnastic event in Leeds to develop their knowledge and skills in this sport – this was thoroughly enjoyed by all!