Sporting Events

*We are excited to announce that we now have a full sports calendar in place for 2021-22!*

This academic year has already seen a very welcome return to the all important sporting events at Morley Victoria - this is something that we have really missed during the Covid pandemic and we are ready to make up for lost time! 

Already in the Autumn and Spring Term of 2021/22, the following events have happened, please see our Twitter feed and our Termly Newsletters for more details:

Spring Term

Project 9

All our Year 5 children have an exciting opportunity to visit the Leeds Rhino’s home ground and watch a Leeds Rhino’s home match free of charge!  They even came in to give the year group a taster session.

The Leeds Rhino’s also came in this term to see our year 2 children.  They delivered a taster session where the children developed their ball skills.

Running Club

Our year 5/6 running club has been working hard and increasing their pace and stamina.  Mrs Wood has been very impressed with their progress, and we are going to complete after Easter.  We can’t wait!

Girls Football

We have a fantastic group of girls who are working hard as a team to improve their football skills- they are now waiting for their first match.  We even have a new kit and look extremely professional!  Thank you to Mr Poucher who has supported the club.


Our Year 6 children have worked very hard to improve their netball skills with Mrs Hughes this term -  they are also waiting for their first match!

Boys Football

Our Year 6 team have now finished the league and have finished in a respectable third place.  They have played very well as a team and had a huge amount of success – we are very proud of them.

Year 3 Football Tournament

We took two Year 3 teams to a football tournament.  They played very well and one if the teams got to the final and drew!  We are now currently sharing the trophy with Asquith Primary School.


A group of Key Stage One children went to try out their volleyball skills at Woodkirk High School – they learnt new skills and then tried their skills in a competitive game!

Inclusive Sports

We were very proud of the team we took to the Panathlon event – they worked very well together as a team and won!  They came back with huge smiles on their faces, medals, a trophy and certificates!

Cheer Dance

A group of Year 2 children went to practise and learn a cheer leading dance with Miss Young – this was a great experience which was enjoyed by all.

Ice Skating

A group of Year 5 children were lucky enough to try an ice-skating session and have a lesson – this was great fun and many said they can’t wait to go back!

Tag Rugby

A team of Year 4 children have been to Hunslet Warriors to take part in a tag rugby tournament.  The children learnt new skills and competed too. 

Swimming Gala

It is so lovely to have this key event back in the sporting calendar.  We took a great team who competed and supported each other so well!

Autumn Term

PE and Sports

A huge thank you to Miss Young who has organised many of the sports competitions this term. It is so lovely to have competitions back up and running. So far this year we have taken part in rugby, football, inclusive sports and BMX biking!  We have many more events planned this academic year too!

Physical Activity

Physical activity remains a priority at Morley Victoria. With PE lessons and active breaks, we are striving to move towards to being fitter and healthier – mentally and physically, in 2022!

National Fitness Day

Many classes in school had a challenge to do in their active break on National Fitness Day.  This was enjoyed by all!


Our year 4 children have started their weekly swimming lessons; they are enjoying them so much and learning a crucial life skill too.

Leeds Well-Being Partnership

The school has joined the South Leeds Well-Being Partnership which is a new and exciting venture offering many opportunities for our children and the chance to help shape the offer for the children of Morley too.


Our Year 6 football team have played incredibly well so far this season and have won most matches! They have shown true grit and determination. A big thank you to Mr Dougal for organising and managing the team!

Girls Football

We now have a girl’s football team who have already had a few training sessions and are developing their skills very well and gelling together as a team! We look forward to seeing how they perform in 2022!


We have had a couple of rugby competitions this term. The children really enjoyed practising their rugby skills.

Inclusive Sports Competition

We took a wonderful group of children to the inclusive sports competition this year. They had a great time and showed great teamwork and support for one another.

BMX Biking

A group of Year 6 children visited the Leeds Urban bike park – they had such an amazing time!

Santa Dash

We all enjoyed taking part in our Christmas PE lessons in the last week of term.  Mr Rhodes planned some great Christmas activities including a Santa Dash!



Our Ongoing Projects


We are working hard to make sure our playgrounds are as active and productive as possible.  We have colour zoned the playgrounds, recruited play leaders from Year 5 to work with both KS1 and KS2 children and have adults in the playground daily to facilitate active play.


PE Partner continue to offer clubs every evening of the week for children in different year groups – please visit their website to find out what they have on offer.  We are also lucky enough to have staff who also run clubs of their own for a 6 week period that the children can enjoy - these too will be back up and running again soon.  Our Year 6 children also organised and ran their very own ‘secret santa’ at Youth Group.  It was lovely to see their reactions as they open their thoughtful gifts. Look out for some after school Art Clubs coming back soon – run by professionals!