What We Read

Reading is our ‘Master Skill’ and is 'the be all and end all'

Reading at Morley Victoria is our ‘Master Skill’ and it is something we are always looking at growing and developing.  In order for our children to be confident readers they need to be regularly immersed in a wide range of quality texts that give all learners a varied diet of reading.  We surround the children with books and ensure they get a varied diet of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts within the school day.  Our libraries and class libraries are also designed to expose the children to these types of texts too.


Getting lost in a story is something we would like all of our learners to enjoy.  Ensuring they read a wide range of fictional texts is crucial to extend their vocabulary and understanding of different types of stories.  We have a wide range of story books across school.


Ensuring we teach a balance of fiction and non-fiction texts is crucial as reading non-fiction books requires a different skill set to fiction.  It also helps to expand learners to a wider range of vocabulary and widens general knowledge and knowledge linked to subjects we study in school.


The teaching of poetry is crucial to the process of reading, it is also something that children love too.  It allows learners again to build their exposure to vocabulary and allows our young people to play with words and different ways of putting words together for different effects. We have a whole school Poetry Spine which ensures the children receive a rich diet of poetry throughout their learning journey. You can access this in the blue box at the top left hand side of this page.

Reading as a Historian, Scientist, Geographer and around a subject we are studying

Reading sits at the heart of our curriculum and we make sure we provide regular opportunities to read in ALL subjects to widen the children’s reading skills and to develop their breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding in the subjects we teach.