Mini VIC

“It’s brilliant!” MV Reception pupil.

“The school is so lucky to have such an amazing place.” MV Parent

“I love the sensory room, I wish I could go every day.” MV Year 3 pupil

“I love how calm this place makes me feel.” MV Year 3 pupil

“Mini Vic gives me time away from a busy school.” MV Year 6 pupil


Mini Vic was a new addition to Morley Victoria Primary School in 2021. The house was previously lived in by Mr Parker, the long standing caretaker, and his family but following his retirement we decided to give it a different lease of life so it has become 'Mini Vic', aptly named by one of the children following a competition during the lockdown of 2021. 

This building has become a quiet space for the school’s Inclusion Team to use on a daily basis. Inside Mini Vic there is enough space to help us to support our children with their emotional health and wellbeing;; to work on a one to one basis or in small groups. There is also a much needed sensory space for our children with special educational needs. 

Our sensory room provides physical and mental stimulus for children with physical disabilities, developmental delays and sensory impairments; as well as giving children a place to relax and be calm. The sensory room is an effective and more relaxed environment where we can work with children on regulating their behaviour. This calming environment allows pupils to work through any difficult emotions in a safe and supportive space, together with a member of staff.

Our Inclusion Room allows for group and individual work where children can explore their feelings and emotions, develop their social skills and improve friendships. It also allows us to meet with parents and carers to discuss ways in which we can work together to support the children.

The kitchen and outdoor area allow children to work together on a range of practical activities and develop teamwork skills through play and craft.