Reading Ambassadors

“I love to help the younger children with their reading.”  - MV Pupil

“When  you watch this in action you can see how both children benefit.” - MV Staff

"On Governor Days we have seen the Reading Ambassadors working with the youngest children, it's just wonderful! The children waited by the door for their buddy to arrive and they were so excited to see them." - MV Governor

"My child works with one of the older children who reads him stories, he loves it!" - MV Parent

At Morley Victoria our youngest children are supported in their development as a reader by our oldest children in school.  Our Year 5 and Year 6 children read each week with our Nursery and Reception children.  Our Reading ambassadors are role models for our younger children and our older children develop so many skills too within this crucial role. 

You can often see the younger children waiting by the door for their reading ambassador on the afternoon that they visit!