The PFA is a hard working group of friends who share a passion and enthusiasm for hosting events that will be memorable for the children and families at Morley Victoria. They also work extremely hard to raise some much needed money to benefit the children at Morley Victoria! The group is made up of parents, carers, other family members and staff who all want to be actively involved in the life of the school.

The PFA’s mission is to provide the children with a series of memorable events throughout their school life. They aim to ensure they leave Morley Victoria having experienced a range of fun activities and have participated in events that will help them to develop as good citizens, to care about fundraising for the benefit of everyone in school and to help the children remember them fondly when they move on to pastures new.

The group works hard to try and boost school funds. The money that they raise goes directly back to the children. The PFA pays for the annual Year 6 Leavers' Disco, First Aid Training for all children from Nursery to Year 6, musical instruments, they provide money for small prizes and money is given to classes for a variety of activities, for example, to redesign their book corners or to buy new wet playtime games.

The PFA have invested in a defibrillator and secured a second machine through our work with local estate agent, Manning Stainton. At Christmas time the PFA either buys each child in school a book to take home, read and enjoy or books a Pantomime to come and perform for the children as a thank you for supporting their events. They also arranged for Mark’s Magic Kingdom to visit the Nursery.

Throughout the year they work together to plan and run events. They always host at least one disco during the year. The Summer Fair is the biggest event in the calendar, usually raising around £1500 for the school. They also hold Bake Sales, Film Nights, Tombolas, Raffles and an Easter Eggstravaganza.

All of these events are fantastic but they need people who would be willing to get involved in the planning of these events to enable them to go ahead. Ultimately it is families who know how they would like to spend their time and what events they would like to attend so why not come along and share your ideas? If you don’t have time to do this, do you run or work for a local business who might be able to help with donations of materials, offer us time or people to come and help us with various projects? Do you work in a bank or building society, can you help us with some ‘Matched Funding?’ - every little helps!

The PFA hold meetings approximately once a half term, starting between 6:30 and 7:30pm in the staffroom where they plan for and organise these events. The meetings usually last around an hour. Every minute spent helping the PFA really does count towards raising money for the school and the children.

Everyone appreciates that family life is busy but if you could spare some time, the PFA would be most grateful. If you can offer to help at just one of the planned events, they would also love to hear from you – they will gladly accept any help. You can contact the PFA via the school office by emailing: or feel free to pop in any time.

The PFA are a friendly, informal group and we feel sure that you would enjoy being part of the team.