Sport Leaders

"I love being a sport leader up on the KS1 playground -they just flock to me because they want to play my game." - MV Sport Leader

"I think we enjoy it in equal amounts - they look forward to us being there to play and we look forward to going to see them." - MV Sport Leader

"I love the games they play with us." - MV Pupil

"They make lunchtime lots of fun." - MV Pupil

"The Sport Leaders in my class do a fantastic job organising games for others - I am really proud." - MV Staff

"I watched the Sport Leaders on the playground during Governor Day - it was so lovely to watch how they played with the younger children. What a treat!" - MV Governor

"My son loves being a Sport Leader - he finds it really rewarding." - MV Parent


At Morley Victoria we work towards our playgrounds being as active as possible both at break times and lunchtime too.  We have a group of children who volunteer to be Sports Leaders for the younger children.  They complete some training with the PE subject leaders and then are trained to resource, organise and play games with the younger children at lunchtimes.

 The children are great role models for the younger children and enjoy their time with them too.

They teach the younger children how to follow rules and play different games and of course how to get along with one another in the playground.  They are a huge help to the lunchtime staff and teachers – their help and support is much appreciated by all!