School Meals

School Meals

We pride ourselves in serving a high number of quality, nutritious school meals on a daily basis. School meals are cooked fresh, on site, every day. The children have three choices of meal on a daily basis. We have a flexible approach to meals, so the children can have a mixture of packed lunches and school meals over the course of a week, to meet the needs of family life.  School meals should be chosen and paid for in advance via our ParentPay system. Meals cost £2.40 for children in Years 3 to 6.  If you need your ParentPay log in details, please see the school office.

In Foundation and Key Stage One we encourage the children as much as possible to have our delicious, freshly prepared and home cooked school dinners - which are free!

Packed Lunches

The children in Nursery have packed lunches and as the children move into Key Stage Two, where school meals have to be paid for, some of our children choose to have a packed lunch. We encourage packed lunches to be as healthy as possible. We discuss with the children the importance of having a range of food groups in a packed lunch including fresh fruit and vegetables. During the school year we will look at each other’s packed lunches and share healthy ideas about what to put in a healthy lunch box. We also encourage the children to think about making a healthy swap on some days (a couple of times a week), for example, swapping a packet of crisps for another piece of fruit or fresh vegetables.

Please note that, in order to promote healthy lifestyles, we do not allow fizzy drinks, cans, sweets and chocolates in a packed lunch box.

The children are also encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat at break time.

Please click on the blue link to access ParentPay to book and pay for meals


We encourage all children in school to bring in a water bottle each day.  It is crucial that children stay hydrated so that they can concentrate well in lessons and stay focused.  We have water fountains in school so that the children can refill their bottles.  Please note that we would like our children to develop healthy habits and for this reason it is water only in water bottles – we talk to the children about the difference between water and juice so that they fully understand this rule.