pHysical education

"  The PE offer is vast and beyond PE." - OFSTED Inspector

"This is the best school I have worked in.  It is a model school for PE."  - PE Partner

"Morley Victoria strongly believes that PE lessons are vitally important to both physical and mental health. The aim is to ensure that all children develop a love of PE and that this becomes life-long. Having spoken to the children on Governor Days, we know that this subject is a firm  favourite across the whole school."  - School Governor

"PE is by far our most popular subject in school"  - MV Staff

"PE is my most favourite time of the week"  - MV Pupil

"PE is my favourite subject because we get to do new and exciting things. I love being active!" - MV Pupil

"I love PE because it gives me more energy." - MV Pupil

"This is the best school I have worked in.  It is a model school for PE"  - PE Coach

The Leeds Well School Partnership

COACH ME and I will learn

CHALLENGE ME and I will grow

BELIEVE IN ME and I will win.

The purpose of PE 

A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.  Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.


PE knowledge, understanding and skill development in EYFS is taught under the ‘Physical Development’ section of Development Matters and links to many other areas too.  PE is taught by exploring and playing in purposeful well thought out areas of provision, through active learning and through creating and thinking critically. 

In EYFS the children:

  • Develop their movement, balancing, riding (scooters, trikes and bikes) and ball skills.
  • Go up steps and stairs, or climb up apparatus, using alternate feet.
  • Skip, hop, stand on one leg and hold a pose for a game like musical statues
  • Start taking part in some group activities which they make up for themselves, or in teams.
  • Increasingly be able to use and remember sequences and patterns of movements which are related to music and rhythm.
  • Refine the fundamental movement skills they have already acquired: rolling, crawling, walking, jumping, running, hopping, skipping and climbing
  • Further develop and refine a range of ball skills including: throwing, catching, kicking, passing, batting, and aiming.
  • Confidently and safely use a range of large and small apparatus indoors and outside, alone and in a group.
  • Move with grace to combine different movements with ease and fluency (including movement to music).

 The lessons provide children with a solid base to allow them to access the National Curriculum in Year 1.

The skills we work on within the National Curriculum are:

  • Agility - moving, dodging, reacting
  • Balance - with and without equipment
  • Co-ordination - throwing, catching, kicking, timings
  • Cognitive - rules, tactics, teamwork, evaluating, mentoring
  • Physical - control, strength, power, speed
  • Manipulation - shoot, pass, strike, dribble, field

Our intent is to provide the children with high quality physical education and school sport that will provide the children with the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and promote life-long participation within sport. The fact that we hold the School Games Gold Award really highlights this fact.

 Our curriculum aims to develop all children’s skills and abilities across a range of activities and sports. The children will be given the opportunity to constantly improve their physical literacy and also develop the motivation and ability to use these skills across a wide range of activities. We want the children to experience competition and personal challenge and how to overcome and enjoy this. The children will also develop life skills such as team work and perseverance that they can then apply into other areas of school and life. We want the children to find an activity that they are confident and comfortable in so the children take part in a wide range of sports throughout their time in school.

As a school, we are provided with Sports Premium money which we use to work with experienced, qualified coaches through PE Partner. The coaches and our staff work in partnership to provide consistent, high quality PE lessons so the children can build upon their skills every year. This ensures our staff gain the highest quality professional development and it provides the best outcomes for our pupils.  These skills are taught through a broad range of sports e.g. dance, gymnastics and swimming and a range of games activities such as dodgeball and football, which also help the children to be involved in competitive situations. The sessions we provide ensure the children are active for 90% of each session.  We regularly assess the children and use interventions to target specific groups of children who may need extra support to develop particular skills.

We have all had Commando Joe's training in school and are rolling this out to all year groups over the next 12 months.  This will add to our PE and Physical Activity offer but also further develop character education, our metacognitive strategies and PSHE skills in school.

We are part of a cluster of schools and regularly take part in different tournaments for pupils of different age and enter many sports competitions throughout the yearly calendar such as athletics, swimming, football and netball. We are often very successful at these competitions and the children always enjoy participating. Recent success has been from our U11 football team winning the Morley League and our Indoor Athletics Team reaching the Leeds finals for a number of years.

Top 5 reads are:

  • Yoga for Kids S Hoffman
  • The Busy Body Book L Rockwell
  • Children's Book of Sport DK
  • Ultimate Sports Heroes - so many to choose from
  • Little People Big Dreams - so many to choose from
For help and support at home please visit:
The Leeds Well School Partnership
 Morley Victoria is very proud to be part of the Leeds Well School Partnership. Please CLICK HERE to go to our Sport Premium page to find out more information.
The Morley Schools' Sports Association (MSSA)

The Morley Schools' Sports Association (MSSA) is an association of the fourteen Primary Schools and three Secondary Schools in the Morley Family. Representatives from each school meet on a termly basis to plan a calendar of sporting events for the Primary school children. 

The association has been running for a number of years now. MSSA was originally formed to organise a football league to ensure that the Primary School children had more opportunities to play as a team. Over the years, the association has grown and the calendar of events has evolved to include thirteen different events during the academic year. The events organised also cover a wider range of sports and target different age groups. All of the events are organised by the Primary and Secondary school staff with the help of the Young Sports Leaders from the Secondary schools. 

The aims of the association are:

  • To increase participation in sport.
  • To increase opportunities for inter-school competition.
  • To promote the Sporting Spirits. (Teamwork. Determination. Honesty. Passion. Respect. Self-Belief)
  • To develop Young Sports Leaders.

*See our schools newsletters for a round up of all sporting events we have taken part in*

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An example of PE concept progression from Reception to Year 6