At Morley Victoria we are always seeking ways to provide our children with a wide range of opportunities both in and outside of the school day. We feel that this broadens our pupils’ cultural capital and builds their character education.  We plan a wide range of activities so that we appeal to all learners.  We provide extra-curricular activities after school too and are always looking at expanding what is on offer for our children outside of the school day.  We often have a sports club every night after school and have been running arts clubs too in both KS1 and KS2, run by professional art teachers!  As a school we also consciously spot children’s talents and signpost them to clubs outside of school to nurture and grow their knowledge and skills.

Clubs and the Curriculum

Below is a table of the clubs and the areas of our curriculum they cover.  Approximately 305 (85%) of children (160 Boys, 142 Girls) in years 1 -6 school have participated in at least one extracurricular opportunity given by the school so far this year.

All children in Reception attended Circus Skills extra-curricular event and our Nursery children are involved through our reading ambassadors scheme.