"I really like watching Numberblocks and learning about all the different numbers. I know my numbers really well." MV pupil in Reception

"The children's fluency has transformed and they have such a deeper understanding of the composition of numbers and how they relate to each other, meaning that when they move on to the larger numbers they know what characteristics and patterns to look for to gain a greater insight into the relationships between numbers and the rules across the different disciplines within mathematics." EYFS phase leader discussing the impact of Mastery in Reception.

A child’s mathematical learning journey starts in EYFS at Morley Victoria. Maths can be seen all around our school and is one of the four specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Throughout EYFS, children work towards achieving the two key early learning goals for maths; number and shape & space and measure. Provision is a key element in our maths curriculum as children learn through play and child-led learning. We make sure that our setting and environment is full of mathematical opportunities and has exciting things for the children to explore and enjoy. We support them to be creative, critical thinkers that enables the children to have a successful start to their mathematical journey.

Nursery is the first step of a child’s journey through Morley Victoria. Our early years provision is rich with numbers and mathematical vocabulary to allow children to be creative, critical learners as soon as they walk through the door. Throughout Nursery, children are taught mathematics through provision, nursery rhymes, songs and a wide range of stories with mathematical links to them. Stories, songs, rhymes and games that have mathematical content help children understand number systems and give them time to talk, play and practice using numbers. In Nursery, Children begin to learn the basics about number, counting and shape. “Busy Bee Challenges” are set up to allow children to explore, develop and perfect specific learning outcomes through provision and targeted activities.

The second step to a child’s mathematical learning journey is in Reception. In Reception, we follow the Maths Mastery Scheme (MathsHub). Throughout this scheme, children study each number from 0 to 20 in great detail, to give them a deep understanding of number before moving to Key Stage 1. Key skills such as finding one more/one less, number formation and counting are continually practised whilst studying each number. Number Blocks resources (BBC) are used to aid teaching to give the children consistency and familiarity within each maths lesson to allow them to make continued progress. Similarly, to Nursery, areas of provision are a key part of Reception to allow children to be challenged to apply their mathematical learning. Areas of provision are linked to the current number that the children are studying in their lessons to allow them to apply their skills and knowledge.

Our diverse, creative early years setting gives our children the best opportunity to learn, explore and apply a wide range of mathematical skills to prepare them in the best way possible before moving to Key Stage 1. Through areas of provision, creative lessons and specific, tailored challenges, children have a positive and enjoyable approach to their mathematical learning through EYFS and beyond.

Number Blocks Resources: