Some of our children join us on their learning journey in Reception. We are always delighted when families choose our school to share in this exciting time with them. Everyone is welcome!

Our staff are welcoming, nurturing, highly skilled and will strive to make Reception a happy, secure environment where the children can thrive. At Morley Victoria we care about the whole child so we ensure that children are emotionally and socially, as well as academically well rounded.

The curriculum in Reception follows 'Development Matters' and is progressive from the start of Nursery through to the end of Reception with all children working towards achieving the Early Learning Goals. Our 'Long Term Plans' are packed full of age appropriate learning that is both child initiated and teacher led. The environment is set out to inspire creativity, curiosity and independence.

The children are encouraged to play both indoors and in the outdoor classroom. The ongoing theme will be evident throughout Reception with a wide variety of learning opportunities available to help the children to develop a wide range of skills and acquire plenty of new knowledge, that they are encouraged to share at every opportunity. The different areas of provision are available in each classroom and include a phonics and a maths table, mark making, a creative station, sand, role play, small world and construction. There is also a shared classroom in Reception that has areas of provision as well as an iPad area and water for the children to enjoy. Outdoors there are opportunities for gross motor development as well as a little stage, a role play area and a mud kitchen.

The children have daily activities that they do as part of their curriculum. There is always a 'morning task' for the children to do as soon as they come into school. There is usually a teaching input that links  with a key topic that they are learning about and a task that follows. There is a maths input on a daily basis - the children love to learn about 'Numberblocks' amongst other things. Reception follow the 'Maths Mastery' curriculum to help their knowledge and skills to progress. There is also a phonics lesson on a daily basis - you can find more information about how we teach phonics in the English section of the website (please go to the Curriculum tab, choose School Curriculum and English). There are also ample opportunities for sharing a story at various times of the day.  All children are encouraged to join in the activities to develop their self-confidence as well as their communication and language skills. 

Reading is 'the be all and end all' at Morley Victoria and stories are shared on a daily basis. There is an inviting book corner in each room that are always very busy with children. Reading is a priority in Reception. Children share a book with an adult individually at least once a week - they also go over letter sounds and word cards that are bespoke to each child and their stage of reading development. These travel to and from home so that families can help with this learning.

The children in Reception will be taught to have a Growth Mindset and will be immersed in the Investors in Pupils ethos of our school. We pride ourselves in making sure that the children are always ready for the next stage of their educational journey and Reception is no exception. Reception is an evolutionary year group, it very much changes from a Nursery type environment full of play to a more structured, formal environment by the end of the year to ensure that the children are ready to begin the National Curriculum expectations in Year 1. At the end point of the year, adults in Reception and Year 1 work closely together to ensure a smooth transition for all.