Pupil Voice

"Children feel happy and safe at Morley Victoria.  They are given lots of opportunity to have their say and they know who to go to for help and support" MV Staff

At Morley Victoria pupil voice is the key to making it a successful school.  The children are encouraged in many different ways to give their thoughts and opinions about how the school runs and operates.  Our school council in Key Stage One and Two allows the children to give their views about many different aspects of school life.  The school council help us shape the school, after all they are the ones in lessons, in the playgrounds at break and lunchtimes and at our before and after school club. 

Each year the pupils carry out a survey about how they feel in school.  We then look very carefully at the results and follow up any problems or concerns the children may have.  Any child whose answers disagree to any questions are spoken to by their class teachers so that all issues can be resolved.  Ensuring our children feel safe and happy at school is our number one priority.  Please see the results of this year's in the file below.  We have also included the comments that the children made.