Personal DevelopmENT

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." - Aristotle

At Morley Victoria we believe that a child's Personal Development is of equal importance as their Academic Development. We feel strongly that  our children become well rounded individuals who are happy, safe and have healthy bodies and minds. Our aim is to ensure that we give everyone the skills, confidence and learning opportunities at our school so that they can move on to the next stage of their education being able to make good decisions about life in the future.

We manage this in a variety of ways: we have an outstanding PSHE Curriculum which is embedded and threaded throughout the entire curriculum. Alongside this we have an outstanding Inclusion Team who are non class based and who look after the personal, emotional, social and health needs of the children in our school. This team are dedicated to working with children to nurture them and empower them ready for the future. This includes the SEND provision at our school - you can read more about this in the 'Curriculum' section of the website. This team have two dedicated work areas in school: The Morley Meadow and Mini Vic - you can also find out more about these spaces in this section of the website.

At Morley Victoria we have also developed a Growth Mindset approach to learning, which aids personal development through developing self belief and the willingness to be determined, courageous, independent, resilient and to put in 100% effort into everything we do. This, alongside the long established Investors in Pupils approach to school life, provides the children with outstanding personal development. 

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"All the subjects at Morley Victoria are useful and help you with later life."  MV Pupil

"PSHE is important as it helps you to feel safe."  MV Pupil

"We do lots of different things at school and that makes me happy." - MV Pupil

"I love that everyone is friends." - MV Pupil

"Morley Victoria places equal emphasis on the personal development of a child as their academic achievements. Everyone involved with the school wants the children to be well rounded individuals." - MV Governor

"As a teacher I care just as much about the personal development of the children in my class, as their academic progress. It is important that they grow up to be happy, safe and responsible citizens. - MV Staff

"I chose Morley Victoria for my child because of the emphasis they put on ensuring that the children get a good education and also become good people. This school is like a family that we are lucky to be part of." - MV Parent