planning and progression

"The updated vocabulary and guidance training was delivered well. The process throughout EYFS and KS1 was clear with clear expectations. The training also ties in with changes we are implementing in EYFS in relation to vocabulary." EYFS teacher at MV

"Staff had clear guidance in the training on the new mathematics guidance  and the importance of the ready-to-progress criteria. Subject leaders ensured new policies were updated and implemented across school in a timely manner." Class teacher at MV 

"I don't usually do three chilli but my teacher gave me the confidence to give it a go." KS2 pupil at MV

"I enjoy the chilli challenges because they bring maths to life and are very tricky to answer." KS1 pupil at MV 

At Morley Victoria we use the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning and the NCETM Progression Grids as a basis for our long-term plans (From Nursery to Year 6). These detailed documents ensure that each teacher has an in-depth basis for the progression of skills and knowledge to inform and create their own, bespoke, long-term plan for their respective year group.


Our maths lessons are differentiated through 'Chilli Challenges'. These cover the same topic for all children  but are differentiated through the depth of understanding.  In lessons we encourage children to be fluid and move between these challenges - either dropping down or moving up. Where appropriate, the children will choose their own level of challenge although this may be dependent on the teacher's assessment of the child at that point. We recognise that maths is a diverse subject and the challenges allow children to take ownership of their work and do not put a ceiling on their learning. We use various subscriptions and schemes to make bespoke chilli challenges to deepen learning within every topic.


As part of our key work on Problem Solving in the curriculum, we have introduced the 'Problem Solving Super 6' to help to engage the children more in these types of challenges - everyone loves a super-hero who never gives up - this fits perfectly with our Growth Mindset approach to learning.

*To see what we do in Nursery to ensure our children develop a solid foundation in maths please look on our Nursery page (Nursery Long Term Plans) in our EYFS section.*


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