A Curriculum that Matters

'Learning is defined as an alteration in long-term memory.  If nothing has altered in long-term memory nothing has been learned.'

Sweller J, Ayres P and Kalyuga s (2011).  Cognitive load theory (Vol 1).  Springer Science and Business Media

'A curriculum exists to change the pupil, to give the pupil a new power.'

Christine Counsell - The indirect manifestation of knowledge:(B) Final performance as a deceiver and giver.  (April 2018)

"We have high expectations of the school leaders when it comes to the school curriculum and we are proud of what they have achieved." - School Governor

"Our curriculum is rounded, exciting and ensures that all children can achieve great things." - MV Staff

"The school curriculum has improved greatly - leaders have done a great job." - MV Parent

At Morley Victoria we pride ourselves in having a curriculum that is planned with our children at the very heart of it and our vision for what our children can achieve is truly limitless. Leaders focus on academic excellence as well as making sure that the children develop into happy, healthy and well rounded young citizens.

The curriculum is tailored to suit the needs of all of our pupils (including those with special educational needs and disabilities) and challenges everyone that attends our school. It is an ambitious curriculum built around knowledge and skills; and precise curriculum plans sequence learning carefully to promote and build on this. That said, our curriculum is under constant review as we are continually looking for ways to improve it further - it is ever evolving.

Our staff work extremely hard to develop excellent subject knowledge and they use this to select great activities that will move pupils' learning forward, connecting learning across different subjects as appropriate so that they can apply their existing knowledge to new learning. Staff are highly skilled at allowing the children to practise what they have learned to deepen their knowledge and understanding. Staff check very carefully what the children know and can remember, they then fine-tune their teaching so that all children move forward and make progress. All great teachers continually look at ways to develop their knowledge about how best to teach different subjects.

Another priority within our curriculum is the development of vocabulary - this starts in the Foundation Stage when the children join our school. Expectations are high and carefully selected words and phrases are used by the adults - the children soon start to pick this up! The subject specific, technical vocabulary higher up school is clear to see and is embedded across the whole curriculum in Knowledge Organisers, Stages of Knowing Words and in the children's work. 

Our curriculum provides a range of activities, opportunities, visits or visitors for all children working at a range of different levels. Our curriculum is adapted and moulded to the needs of individual classes and at the start of a unit of work the children have the chance to discuss what they already know and what they would like to know about that topic.  An area is always planned taking into account the children's prior knowledge and the end goal, giving high priority to the knowledge the children require, the skills they will have to develop and vocabulary the children will need to know and understand.  We then work hard to revisit and recap so that this learning is transferred to long term memory.

.We strive for our children to be well equipped to be curious, self motivated individuals who believe that they can achieve all they want to. They are always well prepared for their future, not just at high school but in the wider world too.

If you would like to know more about how our curriculum is structured please read the documents below.  If you would like any paper copies please contact the school office.

"The teachers are always trying to help us learn and understand everything. It makes me happy." MV Pupil

"Our curriculum is great because our lessons are always unique and a challenge." MV Pupil

"My teacher makes the lessons fun." MV Pupil

"Our curriculum is fun and helpful and makes us good learners and good people." MV Pupil 

"Our curriculum helps us with what we need to know later in life." MV Pupil

"Our curriculum helps us to learn the key skills and how to be safe as we grow up." MV Pupil

"Our curriculum is fun, busy, challenging and creative." MV Pupil

"Our curriculum helps with team work and leading." MV Pupil

This is a mind map of our curriculum
This is a mind map of our curriculum
What children think of our curriculum
What children think of our curriculum