Morley Cluster Video

At Morley Victoria we pride ourselves in providing our pupils with a very special and positive place where they all feel welcome, included and experience a sense of belonging.  

The children in our school community are nurtured in such a manner that they perform to the very best of their abilities, regardless of their home circumstances or individual needs.  A huge emphasis is placed on the social and emotional development of our young people and we are fortunate to have a very emotionally intelligent team of staff who bring out the very best in the children in our care.  Being individual and unique is something we value and nurture at Morley Victoria. 

We are structured differently to many schools due to the fact that we spend a considerable amount of time and a good proportion of our budget on the development of ‘the whole child’.   

The Inclusion Team work alongside the teaching staff, (including Teaching assistants, SEN assistants and HLTAs) to support the work in the classroom and help children and families to ensure that every child who walks through our doors is happy and ready to learn. 

Our Inclusion Team

Miss J Northfield – Attendance and Safeguarding Manager (DSL)

Mr Shabbir - Behaviour Mentor (DSL)

Mrs R Bode – SENDCO

Mrs J Wood – Headteacher (DSL)

Mr K Precious - Assistant Headteacher (DSL)

Mrs D Smith - Assistant Headteacher (DSL)

Mrs H Handley - Basement Buddies Manager (DSL)

Miss Mapplebeck, Mr Stott - Key Stage Managers

As a team we meet fortnightly formally to discuss and showcase the work we have done with our children in our school. We talk about what provision we have in place for our most vulnerable children and how the interventions are working to maintain maximum impact.  The Senior Leadership Team meet weekly to discuss the work of the Inclusion Team and link their work with academic achievement (see the structure of our team in the blue box on the left-hand side). 

The inclusion team are always there to support children and families who are going through difficult times. They work with children and families in a number of different ways and sometimes they seek help from The Morley Cluster to gain further help outside of school provision. (Please see the special video about the Morley Cluster on the left-hand side). 

Our pupils regularly feed back to us that they feel extremely fortunate to have an Inclusion Team in school, who they can go to see if they need support with their emotional health and wellbeing. 

We believe that this team of people is pivotal to the success of many children at Morley Victoria. The investment of time in emotional health and wellbeing in children and in those who need additional learning support is vital to remove barriers to learning, which will hopefully give them the best possible opportunities to succeed in anything they choose to do in their lives.