"I love taking myself off and getting lost in a book!" MV Pupil

It is our greatest wish that all children will pick up a book and simply read for pleasure and we encourage this at every opportunity. We are extremely lucky that our children have access to a range of different books in our well stocked libraries and class book corners from Nursery to Year 6. We also have ‘The Book Club’ saving scheme operating in Foundation Stage to encourage that love of books from the very start. We also now have two beautiful, new book swap boxes in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two for the children to use. Please also see our mind map below.

In school we also have and celebrate:

·Free and accessible libraries in classrooms and year group libraries

Fiction and non-fiction books of the month for KS1 and KS2

·Reading challenges – in classes, year groups and sometimes for the whole school

·Reading Ambassadors in Year 6 who read with the younger children - they are specially trained by the Early Reading Leader

·Mystery Readers! (Please volunteer if you would like to surprise a class with a story.)

·Extreme Reading

·Recommended reading lists for fiction, non-fiction, poetry and magazines

·Reading assemblies with our special reading chair!

·MV Book Day

·The Book Fair


Blue Peter recommended reads

·Y6 take part in the Leeds Book Awards

·The Summer Library Challenge

Lockdown weekly reading challenges

Take a look at our Reading Resources Section for more ideas.

Book prizes for Special Assembly Award winners

The PFA hand out books as gifts at Christmas

That we have 'The Week' Magazine on a weekly basis in KS2

Waterstones Book of the Month name just a few...!