"We get so many opportunities and experiences!"  MV Pupil

"Thank you to all of the staff who organise so much for the children at MV"  MV Parent

At Morley Victoria we are always looking for opportunities to extend and develop our children's cultural capital.  When planning our topics this is always a consideration and we take up lots of opportunities that will give our children exciting experiences.  As part of this we have developed a Morley Victoria passport which is jammed packed full of activities that will develop our children's cultural capital - we hope that all activities on the passport will be experienced by every child by the time they move onto their next stage of education.  Trips, residentials and visitors into school are also ways we develop our children's experience.  We have also developed a ‘Trips in the local area’ document for families to use - this is a list full of great places to visit.

At Morley Victoria we try to develop our children's Cultural Capital across all areas of the curriculum and in our everyday 'life' at school - the diagram below illustrates this nicely: