"I look forward to d:side coming in every year, they have taught me so much during my time at MV"  MV Year 6 Pupil

The whole school have taken part in drugs education at their age appropriate level.  This was delivered by a company called d:side, who have been coming to our school for the last few years.  The children enjoy the input, remember they key messages and they always look forward to their next visit.  The company also deliver Online Safety sessions to the children in Key Stage Two.

Below is a summary of what is covered in every year group when they visit.  The folder below gives you more detail about what is covered.

Internet Safety Sessions for Key Stages One and Two will focus on:

What we use the Internet for (KS1)

What is/is not safe to share online (KS1)

What to do if we are not sure about the internet (KS1)

Using emails safely (KS2)

Social networking and safe profiling – including use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, Chat, Oovoo, etc. (KS2)

‘Chatting’ with care (KS2)

Responsible and safe use of the internet (logins, email, photography, password protection, personal information and self-protection). (KS2)

Behaving responsibly (KS2)

Sample Medicine & Drugs Awareness sessions for Whole School:


Different feelings & emotions / Taking care of our body / Medicine chat.

Year 1:        

How our body works / Healthy lunchboxes / Medicine chat / Exercise and rest.

Year 2:           

How we are different to our friends / How our body works / Being special.

Year 3:          

Smoking and effects on the body / What is in a cigarette / Passive Smoking / Why People Smoke?

Year 4:         

Alcohol and effects on the body / Alcoholic drinks / Why people do or don’t drink / Role play.

Year 5:         

Solvents / Vaping/ Volatile Substances and effects on the body / Risk Taking / Safe and unsafe household products / Keeping safe.

Year 6:          

Drugs and effects on the body / Drug discussion / Drug Goggle.