"Learn continually, there is always something else to learn."  Steve Jobs

At Morley Victoria we are looking at ways to develop our children’s long term memory.  We use the moto in each lesson that if nothing has changed as a result of completing a particular piece of work, then nothing has been learnt. 

We are trying a variety of strategies to help the children lay down their learning into their long term memory and not into their short term memory which is then forgotten!  Our short term memory can only hold a certain amount, however our long term memory has no limits to the amount of information it can store so we need to use strategies in the classroom and at home to ensure learning is laid down in to long term memory.  By making connections and building on previously taught concepts, our children will build a wealth of knowledge that can be recalled.  By trying different strategies the children will determine which methods work for them and they can continue to use these strategies as they move forward into their next stage of education.  Sone of the strategies we plan to explore are:

  • Different ways to practise retrieval
  • Use of questioning
  • Sequencing
  • Using a multisensory perspective
  • Use of diagrams and aide-memoirs
  • Use of structures and routines
  • Making connections
  • Chunking and categorising.

We are currently attending training courses, seeking advice from consultants and looking at developing a booklet for the children/families to use about this area and will be having staff training and meetings about this area in the future.