"Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong." - John F Kennedy

“Morley Victoria Primary School in Leeds is a such great place to learn and the staff team puts physical activity at the heart of the school. They understand that healthy pupils are often happier pupils. Physical activity is seen as a great opportunity rather than an obligation”  - Nick Powell, PE Partner 

"I really love PE lessons. We do so many different things in PE and we’re always trying new skills and playing new games. It’s a lot of fun." - Year 5 Pupil

At Morley Victoria we are very grateful for this additional funding from the Government as it benefits the physical and mental health and wellbeing of our children hugely. Each year the school considers very carefully how to spend this money and as Governors we wholeheartedly support the school in their quest to keep every child physically active throughout the school day." - School Governor

After the success of London 2012 schools have been given a ‘pot’ of money to spend to develop our sporting stars of the future. For some children it is simply to develop the love of sporting activities and the enjoyment of learning new skills. PE and physical activity at Morley Victoria is about building life skills not necessarily sports skills that the children will need in their everyday lives, eg, balance, coordination and strength. At Morley Victoria we have decided to spend our money to employ a sports coach to deliver very high quality PE lessons in partnership with our school staff. Mr Rhodes, our PE coach, has developed great working relationships with the staff and pupils alike and we are very fortunate to have him working at our school.  For more information about the Spiral PE curriculum please visit the link below to the PE Partner Website:

PE Partner use the Spiral PE Curriculum which builds progressively over time. In Key Stage 1, the focus is on the fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination whilst in Key Stage 2 this is developed into cognitive, physical and manipulation skills. These skills are transferable and are taught in a spiral curriculum.  This means that we look to embed and contextualise the skills during each academic year.  Then, as the children progress through school, there is a vertical increase in the levels of challenge in each of the skill areas.  This is best explained with the following analogy: "A child in reception is taught how to balance on one leg.; In year 6 they are taught how and when to apply side steps in a game situation. Each year sees a vertical progression in the end of year expectation between the two points. but within the year, the full range of skills are taught. This is designed to give child a full physical literacy tool kit."   Each PE lesson adds and supports the ongoing development of all pupils and aims for all pupils to feel the benefits of an active lifestyle. 

We have had a full audit of PE and physical activity (conducted by PE Partner) which has helped us to write a detailed PE statement about how we are going the extra mile to further improve PE and physical activity at Morley Victoria.  It is also a key area for improvement on our School Development Plan. 

We are an early adopter of 'The Active Schools Framework' (see image below).

Sport Premium Spending

Of the Sport Premium Funding we received in the 2022/2023 academic year, there was no underspend. See below our impact statements.

If you would like to know more about what happens in our PE Lessons, please follow us on Twitter (see PE Twitter page).

The Leeds Well School Partnership

Morley Victoria is very proud to be part of the Leeds Well School Partnership – a city wide offer with a localised approach. Each group of local, likeminded schools work together to promote and develop, through collaboration and partnership, a sustainable system for well-being, including physical activity, PE and sport, that enriches and makes a real difference to the lives of all children and young people in that area. 

There are inclusive competitions and events for the children to take part in, they also offer leadership opportunities for children and young people. They offer CPD for staff as well as regular updates and resources to help and support schools in their endeavour to promote healthy lifestyles.

Click on the Leeds Well School Partnership Logo to the left to find out more information about the Partnership. To find more specific information about what is happening in the South Leeds area, click on the South Leeds link below that.


P.E statement 2023-2024.pdf


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