Class Assemblies

"It is a great way of the children show casing their learning to parents."  MV Staff

Each year each class in Year 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 writes and performs their very own class assembly.  It is their opportunity to show parents and carers what they have done and enjoyed that particular year.  The assemblies are lovely to watch as the content is so different and unique.  There can be science experiments, instrument playing, gymnastics and singing all in one performance!

Reception invite the parents and carers for a fun sing along.  The children choose their favourite songs, which are linked to the topics they have been learning about, to sing to their loved ones.  This year they even did some performance poetry!

Year 6 have done a number of different things in the past.  It is always lovely to see them working as a team to produce a wonderful last performance in their final half term at Morley Victoria – it is often very emotional with lots of happy tears!