Snow and Severe Weather Conditions

Snow and severe weather conditions

We will always endeavour to open the school regardless of the weather conditions. If however the school cannot be opened we will post a message on the home page of our website, send a Text and a Tweet as well as emailing parents and carers as soon as we can. Deciding whether or not to remain open in inclement weather is always one of the most difficult decisions as you never know how the weather is going to progress throughout the day. As we always do - we make decisions on how best to keep everyone safe - this includes travelling to and from school. We aim to make a decision and inform families by 7.30am at the latest.

Please make sure the school office have an up to date mobile phone number and email address.  Please also make sure you are following us on Twitter.

Closure during the school day and dealing with children who have arrived at school.

If it becomes necessary to close the school during the school day, we will immediately post this on our website and send a text message. On becoming aware of this situation, we would appreciate it if you could make arrangements for your child to be collected at the earliest possible opportunity.

When the children are in school our first priority is their safety. It is inevitable that, while many will be collected as above, a number of parents / carers will not be aware of the closure. In this situation we will look after those children in school until they are collected. It is important that you maintain contact with school and if you are going to be late, please keep us informed.

Please also ensure that your contact details are up to date and that you provide us with some emergency contact details as we will always work hard to contact you.